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How Michaela Coel’s Ethical Gold Ensemble Sparked Conversations at the Met Gala


How Michaela Coel’s Ethical Gold Ensemble Sparked Conversations at the Met Gala

How Michaela Coel’s Ethical Gold Ensemble Sparked Conversations at the Met Gala

British-Ghanaian actress and screenwriter Michaela Coel, known for her compelling storytelling and indomitable spirit, took to the red carpet adorned in a collection that was as much a statement of style as it was of sustainability. In the heart of the bustling metropolis, under the resplendent lights of the Met Gala 2023, a story of elegance intertwined with ethics unfolded. The gala, a pinnacle of glamour and fashion, witnessed a groundbreaking moment that transcended the conventional allure of luxury.

Crafted by the visionary jeweler Emefa Cole, Michaela’s ensemble featured a stunning headpiece, captivating earrings, and exquisite rings, all forged from over two kilograms of responsibly sourced gold. It was a narrative of transformation and responsibility. The gold warn, was Single Mine Origin gold – meaning that the gold can be traced to mines that are accredited with responsibility standards, represented a commitment to ethical sourcing and environmental stewardship, heralding a new era for the luxury industry.

What is Responsibly Sourced Gold?

“Responsibly Sourced Gold” refers to gold that has been mined and sourced in a manner that is ethical, environmentally sound, and socially responsible. The concept has gained prominence due to growing consumer and investor awareness and demand for sustainably sourced products across various sectors, including the gold industry. This movement towards responsible sourcing aims to ensure that the extraction and production of gold does not harm the environment, violate human rights, or contribute to conflict, among other ethical considerations.

Key Components of Responsibly Sourced Gold:

  • Environmental Stewardship: Ensuring that gold mining practices minimize environmental impact, preserve biodiversity, and manage waste effectively.
  • Social Responsibility: Respecting the rights and wellbeing of workers and local communities affected by gold mining operations. This includes fair labor practices, health and safety standards, and community engagement.
  • Economic Development: Contributing to the economic development of the regions where gold mining takes place, ensuring that the benefits of mining activities are shared with local communities.
  • Ethical Business Practices: Conducting business in an ethical manner, including transparency, accountability, and corruption prevention.

Initiatives and Standards:

  • Responsible Jewellery Council: Founded in 2005, he Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is a global nonprofit organization that promotes responsible practices throughout the jewelry supply chain. It sets standards for ethical, social, and environmental practices in the industry, covering areas such as human rights, labor conditions, environmental impact, and product integrity. RJC certification provides assurance to consumers that jewelry has been sourced and produced responsibly, encouraging transparency and accountability within the industry.
  • Conflict-Free Gold Standard (CFGS): Introduced in 2012, this standard addresses concerns about gold’s potential links to unlawful armed conflict. It operationalizes the OECD’s Due Diligence Guidance for responsible supply chains to ensure gold does not contribute to conflict.
  • Responsible Gold Mining Principles (RGMPs): Launched in 2019 by the World Gold Council, the RGMPs provide a comprehensive framework for what constitutes responsible gold mining. They consolidate various existing standards into a single set of principles covering all aspects of responsible mining. Companies adopting the RGMPs must disclose their compliance and obtain external assurance.
  • Qenta’s Responsible Gold Standards: In 2018, Qenta’s Responsible Gold™ took these standards a step further by establishing the Responsible Gold Supply Chain Application (RG SCA), by adding blockchain technology to track the provenance and custody transfers of conflict-free and responsibly sourced gold from mine to refinery to vault. The RG SCA additionally enables trusted participants of the supply chain to connect with one another through one platform and giving end consumers access to data never before available. Later in 2018, the Shariah Supervisory Board of Amani Advisors declared that the Responsible Gold Supply Chain, using the Responsible Gold Standards, exceeds Shariah requirements for transparency and ethical trading.

Initiatives like the Responsible Gold Mining Principles (RGMPs), Conflict-Free Gold Standard (CFGS), and Responsible Gold Supply Chain Application (RG SCA) set standards for responsible mining, requiring companies to publicly report their practices and achieve external verification. These efforts aim to make the gold industry more transparent, ethical, and sustainable, from extraction to the final product.

Qenta’s Responsible Gold™ initiative plays a pivotal role in the Responsible Gold industry. Through innovative technologies and rigorous standards, Qenta ensures that every ounce of gold is extracted with the utmost respect for the environment and the people who labor to bring it to the surface. Our infrastructure of hardware, software, and protocols guarantees transparency and integrity, ensuring that the gold’s journey is ethical from start to finish.

As Michaela Coel graced the gala, her choice illuminated the path for a future where luxury and responsibility are inextricably linked. It was a celebration of the mining industry’s potential for positive impact, showcasing that ethical practices and environmental consideration can indeed result in unparalleled beauty.

By choosing responsibly sourced gold, Michaela Coel and Emefa Cole sent a powerful message to consumers, designers, and brands worldwide about the importance of provenance, sustainability, and social responsibility. It urges us to look beyond the sparkle, to the story behind our choices, and to embrace a future where every decision contributes to a more ethical and sustainable world.

About Responsible Gold™:

Qenta’s Responsible Gold Ecosystem forms a groundbreaking, blockchain-based platform of trusted participants that: provides the means for responsibly sourced gold to be transacted on a globally available financial network. Responsible Gold is available in two formats: XGC (G-Coin tokens or digital gold) and XRG (physical gold) available to sell or trade. Currently in operation, the RG SCA is comprised of a growing number of trusted participants, including miners, refiners, logistics providers and vaults.

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