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Ecosystem Management & Embedded Finance Solutions

Asset Tokenization

At Qenta, we believe in a world where all assets, big or small, tangible or intangible, can be represented digitally on the blockchain. Enter the new age of finance with our state-of-the-art asset tokenization platform built on our QOS blockchain.

Unlock the Future of Assets with Our Advanced Tokenization Platform

With our proprietary, patented technology, you can convert ownership or other rights to any asset into a blockchain-based digital tokens that we call “asset cards”. Whether it’s precious metals like G-Coin®, real estate, artwork, equity interests in your business, or intellectual property, our platform enables seamless and secure. Every tokenized asset, and every transaction involving the asset, are recorded on the permissioned QOS blockchain ledger, making it easier to trade, transfer, and manage assets of any class, while providing unparalleled immutability and transparency.

Revolutionize Asset Management and Democratize Access

Historically, price has been a barrier to entry into many asset classes, such as prime real estate or rare art collections. Asset tokenization is a game-changer for democratizing access to those asset classes. The fractional ownership made possible by tokenization allows a tokenized asset to be divided into smaller, more affordable units, thereby opening up the doors to a wider range of potential buyers and providing an expanded market for sellers. 

Just as tokenized assets be subdivided, they can also be combined, allowing for the creation of new assets tailored to specific risk profiles or goals. For instance, a token could be created that consists of ownership interests in a mixed basket of gold (or better yet, G-Coin®), real estate properties, and fine art.

Open Up Global Markets and Liquidity

Traditional assets, especially those in the realm of real estate or collectibles, are notoriously illiquid, often requiring long waiting periods for sale or conversion into cash. Subject to regulatory requirements applicable to certain asset classes, tokenized assets can be accessed and traded on secondary markets, 24/7, providing access to global markets and unlocking liquidity.

Supply Chain Tracking

Unlock the full potential of your supply chain with the revolutionary power of blockchain technology.

In order to ensure compliance with our Responsible Gold standards, we developed the technology to track and trace the gold underlying G-Coin® from mine gate to vault to tokenization on our QOS blockchain. The same suite of technologies—including our patented asset card solution for asset tokenization—can be applied to any supply chain.

Our blockchain technology can transform your supply chain management by providing a shared, immutable, and distributed ledger that records all assets and transactions in real-time. This not only enhances transparency by allowing all stakeholders to access and verify information, but also minimizes fraud, errors, and inefficiencies. Moreover, like with Responsible Gold, the provenance of items can be proven, ensuring authenticity.

Our blockchain technology is also a game-changer when it comes to sustainability and compliance. As businesses and consumers alike demand greater accountability for environmental and ethical practices, our facilitates the tracking and verification of the entire lifecycle of a product, from raw materials to final delivery. This provides a comprehensive and verifiable history of a product’s journey, helping companies to prove their sustainability credentials, meet regulatory requirements, and build stronger relationships with both suppliers and customers. By leveraging blockchain technology, your business can not only optimize its supply chain operations but also showcase its commitment to responsible and sustainable practices.

For commodities supply chains, the ability to integrate our supply chain solutions with our advanced payment and commodities hedging solutions offers even greater benefits. For example, we are working with a leading global provider of Free Trade to not only track beans from vine to store, but to also provide transparent and efficient payouts to the farmers and other stakeholders, while offering integrated hedging and risk management.

Get in touch with one of our supply chain experts today to discuss how we can help you.

White-label Wallets

A full featured, customizable digital wallet solution that businesses can brand and tailor to specific needs.

The white-label wallet enables end-users to hold, receive, send, convert and spend USD, other fiat currencies, and blockchain-based tokenized physical and digital assets such as G-Coin®. The branding, look and feel, and the feature set of the wallets are customizable. With Qenta’s white-label wallet, businesses can extend their existing offering to add or expand existing financial services, increase user engagement, and gain new insights from advanced reporting of user activity. 

Use cases include peer-to-peer transactions, cross-border payouts, buying and holding tokenized assets, loyalty and rewards experiences, and many more. Coupling the wallet with Qenta’s card issuing capabilities offers the additional benefit of providing users with a convenient way to access and spend their fiat and tokenized asset balances.

Virtual Accounts

A fiat banking solution that businesses can implement to embed banking services into their existing offering.

Virtual accounts enable businesses to offer branded banking solutions to end-users within their existing platform, including deposit accounts and account-linked debit cards. Behind the scenes, regulated financial institutions provide custodial services to give end-users confidence that their funds are insured, safe, and secure. By continuing to maintain the customer relationship, businesses can grow their relationships with customers to drive engagement and gain new customer insight.

EcosystemsCard Issuance

A one-stop shop offering that businesses can leverage to issue branded Mastercard or Visa debit cards.

Qenta’s card-issuance-as-a-service solution enables businesses to design, build, launch, and scale branded debit card programs. Included, out of the box, are all the necessary partners to get a program to market, including bank partners, card personalization and fulfillment services, program management, and cardholder support capabilities. By choosing Qenta, businesses can rest assured that their programs will get to market in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

Use cases vary from consumer programs to commercial or corporate programs, expense management, and more. When coupled with Qenta’s programmatic payments offerings, the cards can provide access to funds in a card holder’s wallet.

Qenta’s card offering includes activity monitoring and risk identification encompassing the entire user lifecycle. Qenta’s industry leading tools and processes provide state-of-the-art fraud identification, deterrence, and resolution. Qenta also offers its Goldstar suite of onboarding and identity verification solutions to facilitate a seamless onboarding experience while at the same time limiting the risk of potentially fraudulent applicants.

Loyalty & Gift Cards

A suite of loyalty related capabilities that businesses can customize to their specific needs.

Loyalty programs are proven to increase customer retention, repeat business, and lifetime value. 

Build loyalty for your brand by creating virtual and physical cards. Run targeted promotions, gain insights into customer behavior, and leverage a new channel for communications.

  • Provide rewards based on cardholder interests
  • Incentivize specific behavior and provide flexible tiers with rewards
  • Communicate in real-time through notifications

Our program makes it easy to create customized cards that reward your loyal customers the way they deserve and turn them into true brand advocates. 

Governance and Community Management

One of the chief advantages of blockchain technology is that it enables distributed communities to manage and govern themselves by providing a transparent, secure, and decentralized platform for participating in decision-making and providing other input. This opens up exciting new possibilities for how businesses can connect to and engage with their customers and partners.

Our QOS blockchain and our Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) solution for community governance create the opportunity for customer and stakeholder engagement by providing customers and stakeholders with a say in the direction of product or the operation of an organization. Members of a DAO can directly participate in decision-making processes by making and voting on proposals. Our DAO solution offers the ability to customize a DAO to meet the specific needs of any business or organization. 

Contact us today to find out how you can create a community around your product or organization and supercharge customer or member engagement.

Qenta is a technology company, not a bank. Banking services are provided by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC, or Patriot Bank, N.A., Member FDIC, or Transact Payments Malta Limited.

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