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Payment Acceptance

Online Checkout

A merchant acceptance solution that online businesses can customize to meet their customers’ preferred payment needs.
Qenta’s merchant aggregator solution is a fast and easy option for online merchant businesses that do not require their own, direct relationship with an acquiring bank or a unique merchant identifier. The end-to-end solution encompasses the entire payment journey from initiation to collection. Merchants can implement the solution to quickly accept a wide variety of customers’ preferred payment methods on the web, in a mobile application, and over email—in a compliant manner.

Merchant Acquiring

A merchant acquiring solution that brick-and-mortar and online businesses can customize to accept card payments from customers.

Qenta’s card acquiring and processing solution connects merchant businesses to the global financial infrastructure, offering support for multiple card networks through a single channel. With a single integration, merchant businesses can accept customers’ card payments—online, over the phone, and physically. The flexibility of the solution allows merchants to own their relationships with their processors and acquiring bank partners to negotiate respective fees directly, if preferred. Qenta’s gateway solution also provides an out-of-the-box solution for smaller volume merchants to benefit from Qenta’s pre-negotiated rates.

Local Market Solutions

A one-stop-shop solution for businesses to connect to a variety of domestic payment rails.
Qenta’s payment acceptance solution is a fast and easy option for merchant businesses to accept payments from customers. Merchants can implement the solution to quickly accept a wide variety of customers’ preferred payment methods, including over local rails like UPI, PIX, and SPEI.

Tax Reporting

A tax reporting solution for businesses to accurately and compliantly report sales and taxes.
Qenta’s payment acceptance solutions offers integrated tax reporting that provides businesses with accurate and comprehensive tax reporting designed to meet all applicable tax authority and regulatory requirements and industry standards.