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Qenta Offers Advanced Payments Solutions to Meet the Needs of Global Businesses.
At Qenta, we understand the importance of comprehensive solutions for global businesses of all sizes. Qenta’s suite of payments services—which uniquely combine state-of-the art traditional payments offerings with next-generation blockchain-based technology—enable businesses to both make and receive payments quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

Global Payouts

Given the variety of businesses’ use cases, our global payout solutions offer a wide range of capabilities to send value in a secure, transparent, and efficient manner.

Qenta is determined to ensure that businesses and consumers alike are able to receive value in their preferred way. If a business or a consumer prefers to receive a payment in a local bank account, a third- party wallet like PayPal or AliPay, or to another card like Payoneer, a single partnership with Qenta delivers on all those possibilities.

Flexible Payment Methods

We understand that businesses and consumers have a variety of needs and preferences. Meanwhile, we also know that getting access to owed funds in an expedient manner is critically important to every business and every consumer. Qenta’s global payout solution has every option covered to ensure payments are completed safely, securely, and immediately.

Qenta’s solution is integrated with native, domestic rails to connect with local bank accounts, as well as local third- party financial institutions. It is also connected to partners like PayPal, AliPay, and Payoneer. We take care of the last mile so businesses can focus on growing their business.

In addition, in our commitment to push the boundaries in this evolving and growing area, we continue to innovate in non-fiat capabilities, blockchain-based tokenization, and fast, efficient transfers of value. G-Coin® makes it possible to send value almost anywhere in the world, nearly instantly. And beyond G-Coin®, businesses can leverage Qenta’s capabilities to tokenize assets, transfer tokens seamlessly, and convert tokens back to fiat, at scale.

Mass, Programmable Payouts

Our payout capabilities enable businesses to efficiently transfer funds to multiple recipients at once. At Qenta, we understand that businesses need and should focus on growing their business. Spending time on making complex payments calculations and managing mass payouts takes away from those efforts. Our programmable payout tools and customized solutions enable businesses to automate payments so they can rest assured that transfers are made in an accurate and timely way. 

Specifically, the conditional and multi-level payout capabilities of our advanced payments engine enable businesses to make payouts based on specific conditions and levels of trust, enabling businesses to tailor payments to their specific use cases. Our payments engine is integrated with the Qenta Pro Wallet, a customizable front end, and, blockchain-based smart contracts to ensure traceability and transparency and to provide advanced reporting capabilities.

Debit Card Payouts

At Qenta, we appreciate the challenges around far too many consumers being underbanked. Too many people around the world are without access to world-class banking services. We are committed to supporting businesses and their customers by providing a wide array of safe and secure methods by which customers can receive, hold, convert, and spend their hard- earned value.

Among other things, we are excited to offer a debit card for your customers and payment recipients so funds transfer are available in real time for purchases at any Visa or Mastercard merchant, worldwide. Our debit card solutions are fully integrated into our suite of payout services and are highly customizable to offer a solution that meets the specific needs of your business and your customers.

Mastercard debit cards in the U.S.A. are issued by Evolve Bank & Trust or Patriot Bank, N.A. pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard and the Mastercard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated.
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