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Welcome to Qenta Inc.

(pronounced; KEN’ta)
Qenta elevates the world’s businesses and citizens through a frictionless, accessible, secure, and compliant financial ecosystem.
We offer enterprises, financial institutions, and individuals next-generation solutions that combine our suite of advanced financial services with asset tokenization and other cutting-edge blockchain technologies. We are reshaping the way transactions, assets, and value-exchange occur in the digital age.


Qenta’s secure systems increase reliability, functionality, and productivity for businesses, institutions, and governments.


Compliance is in our DNA. Qenta operates under specific licenses and regulatory regimes across several jurisdictions.


We are committed to building a sustainable future and creating shared value through ESG enhanced products and services.


Financial inclusion underpins our vision. Our consumer solutions can bring modern financial services to hundreds of millions of under- and un-banked people around the globe. Democratizing access to financial services isn’t just good for consumers—it’s good for business.
Qenta combines next generation global payments and embedded finance offerings with transformative blockchain technology to create an integrated ecosystem where data and value flow seamlessly in a compliant and trusted way.

The Qenta Ecosystem

With our patented asset tokenization technology and proprietary enterprise-grade blockchain, we enable organizations to create, store, and transact in digital assets.

G-Coin® and Responsible Gold™

at the core

At the core of Qenta's offerings

At the core of Qenta’s offerings is the proprietary QOS blockchain, which enables frictionless transactions, transparency, and ecosystem-level governance.

Key benefits of the QOS blockchain include:

  • Ultra-fast settlement times, with transaction finality within 1.5-seconds
  • Ability to create and manage digital tokens representing assets
  • Immutable transaction record for transparency and auditability
  • Configurable permissions and access controls
  • Scalability to support high transaction volumes
  • Smart contract capabilities for programmable money flows
  • Native support for multi-party confidential transactions

The QOS blockchain allows Qenta to tokenize assets, embed compliant money flows into applications, execute cross-border transactions efficiently, and bridge digital value with traditional finance. QOS provides the foundation for the next generation of financial infrastructure. 

About QentaQenta offers an array of innovative solutions spanning payments, digital assets, customer onboarding, identity verification, and embedded finance service offerings.

Omnichannel Payment Acceptance
Omnichannel payment acceptance and processing capabilities
Global Payouts
Global payment capabilities, payouts, and multi-rail transaction routing
Embedded Finance
White-labeled financial services, enabling businesses to offer accounts, debit cards, and other financial services to their customers
Digital Wallets
Issuance of branded digital wallets, physical and virtual debit/credit/loyalty cards, and other embedded finance products
Blockchain-enabled tokenization of commodities and other assets
Identity Solutions
Seamless identity verification and compliance solutions for customer onboarding
Supply Chain Tracking
Supply chain tracking and business ecosystem management powered by blockchain

The Qenta Family

By combining deep financial services expertise with transformative technology like blockchain, embedded financial services, and asset tokenization, Qenta unlocks new possibilities for seamless transactions and integrated finance.
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