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Customer Onboarding & Identity Verification Solutions

Customer Onboarding and Identity Verification Solutions

Qenta’s GoldStar suite of white label onboarding and identity verification solutions enable any business to onboard customers and perform KYC in an efficient and user-friendly flow.
This enables businesses to onboard customers quickly and securely, regardless of their location, increasing conversion rates and reducing operational complexities.

Customizable Onboarding

The solutions are highly flexible and can be customized to generate tailored registration forms that collect only the desired information and which conform to applicable regulatory requirements. For a customer who has already been onboarded into the Goldstar ecosystem, their previously-provided information can be auto-filled from the Goldstar database, at the customer’s option.

Advanced KYC and Identity Verification

Goldstar provides KYC and identity verification via integration with third-party partners. The solutions comply with all applicable compliance requirements, while maintaining a seamless onboarding experience. Goldstar offers enhanced due diligence capabilities, allowing businesses to perform deeper checks and assessments based on their specific risk profiles and compliance obligations. Goldstar also periodically does a data audit to identify expired data and, if desired, can automatically notify customers to update the information.

Privacy Protecting

Goldstar is designed so that customers are completely and solely in control of their personal information and data. No information is shared with any third party without the customer’s consent, and customers can reverse data authorization at any time. Goldstar employs a blockchain-based technology called zero-knowledge proofs that enables third parties to check whether a specific aspect of the customer’s identity meets the required criteria without disclosing the underlying person data. For example, a business can confirm that a customer is over 18 without the customer’s specific age being disclosed.