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Qenta App

Buy, sell, save and track the value of your gold from the convenience of a smartphone 24/7.

View real-time prices, and buy, sell, hold, and send G-Coin®, with account management, transaction history, and charts for tracking market trends. Qenta uses tamper-proof solutions to record your gold custody transfers from mine-to-vault-to-market in real time. Other commodities like diamonds coming soon!

Where consumers can send and receive assets globally as easily as a text message

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G-Coin® Digitized Gold

Save, Send, Spend

G-Coin® is a digital title to real physical gold, where 1 G-Coin® is 1 gram of a Responsible Gold™ kilobar.

  • Responsible Gold™ is 99.99% pure, 24k gold that meets environmental, social and governance best practices documented in our Responsible Gold™ Standards.
  • Your gold is safe! It is digitally tracked from mine to high-security Swiss vaults and can be managed in the G-Coin® wallet 24/7.

Buy, hold, and send G-Coin® to others instantly. G-Coin® is a secure, easy and responsible way to transact in gold.

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Responsible Gold™

Gold you can trust
The gold behind the G-Coin® is conflict-free and responsibly sourced with blockchain-based proof of provenance and supply chain traceability. INTEGRITY: Blockchain participation is governed by the Responsible Gold™ Standards. Supply chain partners follow best in class environmental, social and governance practices recommended by the OECD, the World Gold Council and the LBMA. IRREFUTABILITY:  Gold Provenance and chain of custody are tracked with the Responsible Gold™ Supply Chain Application. It is the first fully- automated and tamper-proof solution to record gold custody transfers from mine-to-market in real time. AUTHENTICITY: Secured in Swiss vaults with custodian, asset serial number, wallet address and vault event tracked on blockchain that verifies bar identities, to prevent fraud as well as counterfeit bars entering the ecosystem. Learn more about Responsible Gold™  at